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Who has never dreamt of sipping a good and fresh fruit juice to quench thirst at the beach during summer? With the heat, we have to drink a lot, so why not take those made from an organic product? They are as good for our palate as for our health. On a beach, you will rarely find a drink dispenser, so it will be necessary to make some small preparations of these natural products. This season, these drinks with refreshing, detox or slimming beneficial properties are trends, and we selected for you 4 summer 2019 drinks to sip without any moderation.

Iced tea

le thés glacé comme boisson bio de l'étéIf you do not know iced tea, this is the opportunity to enjoy this cool drink. Tea is not only consumed hot, not just at breakfast or at tea time. Perfect refreshment for the hot season, iced tea comes in infinite flavours. As there are decaffeinated coffees, there are also teas without theine which are perfectly organic and that you can drink at will.

You can buy your organic herbal tea directly from an organic shop or from supermarkets. More and more brands are developing and the choice becomes very wide in terms of taste, aroma, quantity, etc. However, be sure to look at the labels if you want to consume only organic.
You can also prepare your own organic herbal tea at home. Water, plants to infuse (bergamot, lemongrass, orange blossom, etc.), a little sugar or not, and fruit juice according to your taste, all organic, and voila! You can equally add a few pieces of fruit in your tea. And of course, think about chilling your tea so that it is aptly named, iced tea.

For the flavours, you’ll have a range of choices: from lemon, apple, mandarin to raspberry, etc. And to be really in trend for 2019, try tea flower preparation for yourself. You don’t know? It is an organic infusion of plants such as lily, jasmine or carnation. Linked together, they will form a ball made of buds woven from white, black or green tea to be infused in hot water. But you will use it in ice-cold version of course. It requires a little more work than just iced tea, but what delight in the palace! Once at the beach, relax, enjoy the sun, and sip your iced tea for a perfect refreshment.

Hyper-vitaminized fruit juices

During summer, we have to replenish our vitamins, while doing this we take advantage to enjoy at the same time. So, we say welcome to hyper-vitaminized fruit juices, our new organic beach drinks for this summer 2019.
les jus de fruits hyper vitaminés à boir à la plageHyper-vitaminized fruit juice, or isotonic drink, is simply fruit juice, made from a mixture of fruit full of vitamins. It is the mixture of several fruits which has vitality properties thanks to natural vitamin C.
You can order your cocktail of hyper-vitaminized organic juice at the beach bar, or prepare it yourself at home. Amongst the fruits that are filled with most of the good vitamins, we can mention: orange, lemon, kiwi, papaya, melon, and the majority of red fruits. When preparing your juice, mix at least 3 of these fruits, and drink your juice with the pulp.
Organic fruit juice and a lot of vitamins are ideal in winter, but this summer, we also take advantage to refresh ourselves and fill up our energy, because the beach and holidays, it can also bring tiredness 🙂 . We need energy to enjoy the sun.

Flavored water

boisson aromatisée bio pour cet étéIn the warm season, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. But what a nuisance to drink 1.5 to 2 litres a day, right? This is especially a nuisance when we know that we can drink our water in flavoured mode.
It’s just another way to add a little more flavour to this classic drink, and why not add some good fragrances too.
Flavored water, how? Anything you want: fruits, leaves or flowers, syrups, etc. Cut some fruits in quarters and slide them to the bottom of your glass, mix until the juice of the fruits mixes well with the water. Let stand at least 20 minutes. The best fruits that blend well with water are apples, oranges, strawberries and grapefruit.
For vegetables, cucumber is the most loved, mixed with a little mint, basil, or parsley.
All tastes are allowed. You want to spice up your water? Add cinnamon or ginger. Need a bit of bitterness? Add the zest of a lemon or another citrus fruit.
In addition to flavoured water having a good taste and a beautiful smell, it can have detoxifying effects. You can keep the water for up to 24 hours in the refrigerator, but not more because the vitamins will no longer be preserved.

The kombucha

le kombuch, une boisson bio pour l'étéIf you do not know the kombucha yet, you will quickly discover what this new drink from organic food is. Very trendy since the end of last year and during this summer, the kombucha has existed for thousands of years. This mysterious drink comes directly from Asia.

This drink is obtained through cultivation of bacteria and yeasts. The cultivation of bacteria develops by fermentation with sugar and in the end, we obtain an organic and nutritious drink which is full of probiotics and very beneficial to the health. The beneficial properties of probiotics to health are no longer to prove. If you do not know what it is, it is the same microbes (microorganisms, if you will) found in yoghurt. Kombucha is very rich in taste, it is mainly consumed in Asia for therapeutic purposes, so the drink has beneficial properties. In the West, its consumption is still tentative but begins to develop little by little.

You can find kombucha in organic stores or online, a flavoured version to better appeal to consumers.

This summer, you can drink kombucha at any time of the day. Young and old can taste this drink which is refreshing and full of beneficial properties.

One last thing, but not the least. It’s all well and good to talk about an icy organic drink, but how to keep it iced on the beach? With a thermos of course. Before leaving, put some ice cubes in this insulated bottle and you’re ready for the whole day.

Now that you know the summer trends for organic beach beverages, you’ll be able to discover new things and forget about the good old classic cocktails.
And you ? Which drink attracts you the most? What will be your favorite drink for this summer at the beach?

Have a nice summer and don’t forget to drink a lot!

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