Product Vision

At first, there is a crystal. In shaping it, dust escapes and scatters on the horizon.
Crystal Dust is born from this rare and noble dust that wants to stand out from the ordinary.


The spirit of the brand's swimsuits translates into a resolutely sober and glamorous style. Through subtle play with transparency and shadows, the body reveals itself in a sensual way.

Our women’s line features designs that emphasize the feminine curves and accentuate them accordingly. They are carefully crafted from premium lycra made in Italy and awarded for its ability to filter both UVA and UVB rays. In addition, this resilient material perfectly matches the body’s contours. Like a second skin, it offers you an exceptional touch and comfort that offers an unparalleled sensation.

Crystal Dust t-shirts are also made of a lycra a bit suppler than the swimwear in order to maintain a high comfort level.

The first collection of swimwear for men carries a designer look, sober and refined. The fabric of the Carvico range makes them light and durable. Besides wearing on the beach or in the water, these swimsuits are perfectly also tailored for sports or fitness.

As of 2018, Crystal Dust adds a new product to its range, a highly designed and trendy bracelet. The truly original feature of the bracelet is its ability to be customized with charms. Select your favorite charms from our charm collection and use them to tell a story or set the mood. The number of charms available gives you the choice and the opportunity to change up your bracelet whenever you’d like. The charms can also be worn on a necklace as well allowing you to coordinate your accessories.

Crystal Dust is resolutely turned towards a young and dynamic public and wants to always offer accessible prices to all while maintaining an irreproachable quality.

Come and discover what is Crystal Dust made of.


Michael Cohen
Crystal Dust